Refund Policy

Monitoring Services

If you are not fully satisfied using our monitoring service or would like to stop using our monitoring service, you may request for a refund. If your request for refund is made within 14 days of payment date, we will make a full refund. If it is more than 14 days, we will provide a pro-rated refund. If the subscription term had ended, no refund will be provided.

Your account will be closed immediately once we send a refund.

SMS Credits

Unused SMS credits are refundable upon request. Consumed SMS credits are not refundable.


Unused funds are refundable upon request. Consumed funds are not refundable.

Reseller Upgrade Fee

If you are not fully satisfied with our reseller program, we will provide a full refund if you make a request within 14 days of payment. The reseller upgrade fee is non-refundable after 14 days.

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