Volume discount is given based on the basic monthly fee. The more test you purchase, the higher volume discount you may get.

Basic Monthly Fee Volume Discount
< USD $20.00 -
>= USD $20.00 5%
>= USD $50.00 10%
>= USD $100.00 15%
>= USD $250.00 20%
>= USD $500.00 25%
>= USD $1000.00 30%
>= USD $2500.00 35%
>= USD $5000.00 40%

Contractual discount is given if you prepaid for a longer period.

Contract Period Contractual Discount
Monthly -
Quarterly 5%
Half-yearly 10%
Yearly 15%

Reseller discount: Resellers enjoy an additional 15% discount over retail prices.

Multiple discounts will be applied concurrently if you fulfilled each condition.

We are looking for a new translator to maintain the translation of this language. We will give you some free use of our service; you can either use the service yourself or resell to other people. This partnership is ideal if you plan to use or resell our service. Kindly note that we are NOT looking to hire a translator (ie. pay in cash). Please contact us if you are interested.