Lista de Perguntas Frequentes (FAQ)

3. Como funciona o rebranding?

Utilizamos 2 demostrações para ilustrar o funcionamento do rebranding. Por favor tome o tempo necessário para os explorar:

The reseller control panel (1) lets you define how your reseller site (2) looks like. In the reseller control panel, you can customize the header & footer of the entire site, place your logo and company name everywhere and use your own domain or subdomain. Our name will NEVER appear in your reseller site and emails.

We are looking for a new translator to maintain the translation of this language. We will give you some free use of our service; you can either use the service yourself or resell to other people. This partnership is ideal if you plan to use or resell our service. Kindly note that we are NOT looking to hire a translator (ie. pay in cash). Please contact us if you are interested.