What is honey good for facial skin?

Honey has many useful properties. And how is it useful for the face? - This issue will be considered in the article.
Honey is a unique product. It is used both internally and widely used externally: it is the care of the face, body, hair and hands. Apply it as masks, scrubs, tonics and lotions. The range of action is also wide: smoothes wrinkles, cleanses the skin, removes acne, moisturizes the skin.
Why is this “yummy yummy” still so often popular? Yes, because honey is absorbed by the body for all 100. The composition of honey contains B vitamins, vitamin C, polyphenols, zinc and many other useful trace elements.
Honey penetrates directly into the cell, and by its effect:
- Tones the skin.
- narrows the pores.
- activates blood circulation.
- rejuvenates.
- nourishes and tones.
- retains moisture in the skin.
- accelerates regeneration.
It is indicated for people with dry and aging skin, with inflammation and peeling on the face. But this product is not suitable for everyone:
- can not be used for allergic reactions to the product.
- high sensitivity of the skin.
- pustular skin inflammation.
- diabetes.
- asthma.
Here are some honey products:
Moisturizing mask. Take a spoonful of honey, one quail egg, a spoonful of cream. Beat the egg, stir with the rest of the ingredients and leave as a mask for a few minutes.
For dry skin. Take honey and sour cream in the amount of a tablespoon. 20 minutes is the best time for a face mask.
To exfoliate the skin. Take a tablespoon of honey, five drops of olive oil, one yolk. Mix everything, keep on face for 20 minutes.
To moisturize the skin. Take in equal parts cottage cheese and honey. After mixing everything, keep on your face for half an hour.
For smoothing wrinkles. Soak an aspirin tablet in water, add two tablespoons of honey, apply on face for five minutes.
Honey - 1-2 tablespoons mixed with a bag of cinnamon. Apply a quarter of an hour twice a week. Such a mask will improve complexion, activates blood circulation.
To soften the skin. Squeeze aloe juice, add two tablespoons of honey. Keep on your face as a mask for a quarter of an hour once a week.
Mask against inflammation on the skin. Grate a little ginger, add a teaspoon of kefir and a couple of tablespoons of honey. Such a warming procedure should also be carried out once a week.
There are many recipes with honey; all of them, depending on the ingredients, have different effects. But it is worth remembering that there may be allergic reactions to certain ingredients. If you are looking for an opportunity to buy tiktok likes then you came to the right place
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