Point Blank: Friv Game Overview

Just some seven or eight years ago, among the playing generation of schoolchildren, the most global, primary and provocative question was the dilemma of choosing between Quake 3 Arena and Counter-Strike 1.6 . The first was the epitome of rapid-fire, hurricane and acid mochilov with the obsessive use of "rocket jumps." An amateur modification for Half-Life , on the contrary, had a slightly lower pace compared to the id legend , and its gameplay contained a place of minimalistic tactics. To date, the popularity of these two online shooters has declined markedly, eSports is no longer attracting as much money and attention, as it was before. Say Point Blank will become the real successor to two legendary shooter cyber disciplines, of course, we will not be able under any circumstances - it only parasitizes pretty well on past ideas.

It would seem like it's possible to combine Quake 3 and Counter-Strike . Zepetto performs this complicated operation with the smile and grace of the little mermaid Andersen . From the brainchild of John Carmack, Point Blank adopted the forced dynamics and lightness, airiness of the gameplay. Everything else was created under the influence of the "counter". The division into terrorists and special forces, of course, exists. Manipulations with the installation and clearance of bombs are also present, the Kalashnikov assault rifle is in place. The developers didn’t fool around with the art direction for a long time: here you are, dear users, “counter”, but “terror” - the new Counter-Strikewe have created for you, it works online, so we ask you for favors. Point Blank takes a maximum of five minutes to adapt . After all, just three minutes after the launch, you will confidently run around the level with a gun at the ready and that you have the urge to write messages to the general chat like “Right wing, two blue!” Or “Come on in the library with knives!”

The interface is simple and as convenient as possible - absolutely no difficulties should arise. The so-called “waiting room” has everything you need: a store, inventory, a list of waiting players, a huge list of clans and other useful gizmos. With the choice of a character, an offensive "byak" came out - there are two types of additional male skins and the same number of female (with mandatory stringed to impossible impossibility). And in both cases, the store will have to part with glasses to get the “skins" for temporary use. This website www.friv2online.com must be really alive, with a good number of options, and such that can offer you a great gaming experience.

Point Blank is free, which means developers intend to receive money from microtransactions of users. There are things in the store that can be bought only for real rubles and not for glasses - impenetrable helmets, gold-plated automata and unique skins that give a passive increase to experience. By the way, the same gold AKMs in no way differ from ordinary ones - only color and that's it. For determined-minded mods, there is a wonderful function of trying on weapons and equipment items. Nah, this is not a shotgun and not a return test - you just look at your fighter with some kind of M4 and that's it. Truly a very important and promising "utility".

Currently there are enough servers, as they say, end-to-end: fullness in the so-called prime time for Point Blankcan reach up to one hundred percent.

But the most amazing thing is that in this thoroughly secondary game, where the external attributes of Counter-Strike are used as much as possible, it almost does not give up this “counter”. The "Destruction" and "Explosion" modes can evoke a faint memory of it - we will talk about them a little later. But according to the general feelings, Point Blank resembles Unreal Tournament 2003 , which looks like a good copy of the Half-Life modification style.

First makes itself felt frantic dynamics. The lack of instant respawn and the relatively long reload of weapons here, oddly enough, are no obstacles. Taking into account even these significant limitations, the Point Blank gameplay video from the outside can be confused with high-speed scrolling of Counter-Strike match recordings . As a result, tactics begin to suffer from the general “acceleration”.

Indeed, almost ten fighters on each side can converge on one small-sized map - smoke, explosions, shots and the sounds of falling grenades accompany everywhere and do not allow you to do black camping work for even the shortest time. Opponents from another team will surely smoke you out of the most hidden corner, “treat” them with a whole burst of machine guns and, if necessary, finish off a series of dagger lunges on the kidneys.

Well, now about the modes themselves. Let's start, as is customary, with those that are simpler. So, there is the easiest common team match. The disposition is simple and elementary: your team and the opposing team, restrictions on the number of kills and time. You can optionally make everyone fight with just grenades or pistols. And so, in fact, the general match is ordinary rubilovo with its “thousand and one shot per second”. Eight cards were allotted for this business - the figure is small, but it’s good at least that the zones for the shootings turned out to be well balanced and varied. But do not flatter yourself, the acceptable design of the cards for carrying out complex tactical feats does not inspire - you can put a good dozen fighters with an automatic machine with enough luck and skill, even those who have rifles and helmets freshly bought for money in their hands.Point Blank - it's just not here.

The Survival game, unlike the classic defatch, is divided into rounds. The main goal is to kill all the members of the enemy team. This mode is sometimes exhausting due to the fact that two surviving rivals (one on each side) can long and painfully hunt each other with pistols or knives. This is the case when the ammunition for the rest of the weapon is over - this also happens here. Thanks to Survival, Zepetto's online shooter is more like Counter-Strike . As for the cards, their set completely migrates from the team match mode - that is, there are eight of them again.

At the heart of "Destruction" is a set of primitive scenarios. As a rule, this means that one team defends its Important Object, while the opposing team defends its own. Such strategic points could be a helicopter, a power station, or ... um ... some gigantic structure resembling a mechanical dog, an elk, a bear - whatever. The developers found it interesting to arrange a match in the middle of a card drawn, it seems, from Lineage 2.

From the side, such experiments, as expected, look unreasonable savagery. Imagine it yourself: soldiers running in camouflage uniforms, throwing grenades, screaming a soldier’s nerd, and dragons fly around, portals take in their unexplored bowels very brisk tipsters, and rampant campers hide in caravans (hi, Nomad!) . Wildness is exorbitant.

And finally, the classic of the genre - the mode with the installation of the bomb, it is also "Undermine". Having already decided not to plagiarize Counter-Strike , Zepetto added the ability to plant explosives to both teams. After that, Point Blank completely removes from itself the traces of contact with the great "counter" - the similarity ends in appearance.

Let's not forget that Point Blank is a phenomenon of purely Korean origin. Although the localizers did a good job of translating (we are generally annoyed only by these cloyingly pathos “THE BEGINNING OF THE MISSION !!!”), but the influence of the Asian mentality on the approach to creating the game is felt. Most of all there are all kinds of promotional ribbons, stripes, assignments, buns and other raisins from loaves - Asians are terrified of how much they love the dull collecting of online things and achievements.

We are not going to blame the developers' ideas in one heap, therefore, we will briefly talk about what basic methods motivate the user. With the beginning of each new visit to the soul of naive noobs, you are provided with a list of simple tasks to complete. They should not cause particular difficulties: as a rule, they ask to kill the enemy several times from one type of weapon, just throw a grenade, treat enemies (in this case, the word is a whim of the author, but not of our precious editor Bones :) (My whim is “spiteful ", So fail! - Note drag. Ed.ò_ó)) with a couple of exact headshots or see on the screen an encouraging inscription “Mass murder”. For the successful completion of assignments, awards are issued that advance you to receive a new rank, almost like in the army. In addition to exemplary behavior, points are also awarded for which you can buy additional sets of missions, which again give bonuses and rewards, points, etc. We ourselves would be confused. We will only say one thing - in order to get what they say, a fan, you don’t need to bother for any titles or medals. It is enough just to be a well-aimed shooter with a good reaction.

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