Gastronomic tour in Greece

Holidays always mean not only relaxation, but also aesthetic pleasure. Tourists often go on gastronomic tours to learn more about traditional dishes of a country or locality, and cuisine in general.
In Greece, it is considered, as in the whole Mediterranean, the healthiest food is found. The location of the country, as well as climatic features, determined an unusual and unique cuisine. The most common ingredient in Greece for any dish is olive oil, but olives themselves are also popular in cooking. Because of the water environment, fish and other seafood are often used. Greek cuisine is considered the basis of the Mediterranean diet, which includes fresh vegetables, fish, olive oil, and red wine.
The soil is so fertile that the use of tomato, eggplant, legumes and olives in the local cuisine is important. Just the combination of olives and eggplant is the basis for the famous Greek dish “Moussaki”. Musaki is a vegetable casserole with minced meat, cheese and olives.
It is worth noting that in every region of Greece, any dish is prepared according to a special unique recipe, and also has its own original features of the kitchen. Of course, there are traditional dishes that are recognizable even with a touch of innovation. These include zaziki (a salad of cucumbers and herbs with yogurt), traditional Greek salad, meze (a set of snacks) and dolmades (cabbage rolls with grape leaves instead of cabbage).
Greece is rich in sweets. In a trip to Greek gastronomy, you need to try Lukumades, Bugatsu with cream, halva and kadaifi.
Usually, any Greek dinner is held in the presence of white wine. Of course, there are many wineries that will attract a variety of wine choices. Near Macedonia, you must visit Gerovasiliou, where the museum of the history of wine is located, and you can also taste some varieties.
In Monopigado there is the Perek tavern, where you can get acquainted with the intricacies of Pontic cuisine and taste various types of olives. And in the town of Arnea, you need to try coffee, which conveys the entire flavor spectrum of Greek traditions. Also here you can buy the famous honey "susura".
Skewers on skewers will be waiting in the village of Agios Prodromos, as well as other meat dishes cooked on a spit or grill.
Seafood is almost the basis of cuisine in Greece, because here you can find squid, cuttlefish, octopus and many other "marine reptiles". And for meat lovers, dishes such as muscari lemonato, brizoles and pidaki are suitable. It is important to note that the Greeks everywhere add seasonings, especially red and black peppers, nutmeg, as well as coriander and cloves.
The second main ingredient in Greek cuisine is cheese. Especially popular in the use of feta and cephalothirti.
When gastronomic tourism in Greece, it is necessary to observe some rules of culinary etiquette, for example, cut the lemon in half and squeeze the juice into a salad; slicing is not recommended. You can’t refuse food, if it was offered, it is considered bad form to refuse. It is also better to drink coffee slowly, and because of tea, the Greeks may be offended or misunderstood.
Greek cuisine is unique in its color and traditional dishes. Therefore, it is necessary to try some basic recipes in order to feel the spirit of Greece. This is a very tempting process, during which you can immerse yourself in the atmosphere of true bliss. Russian beauties are known for their stunning appearance. Look free live porn - pleasure for real men. Free registration gives you the opportunity to communicate with the most charming slutty girls. If you have not tried to communicate in this free sex video chat, then there is good news for you. There is no registration.
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