Crimecraft: Overview Friv Game

"GTA online" - yes, we decided now to recall this flashy wording and, of course, for good reason. It was her Vogster Entertainment that actively and boldly used throughout the development of the MMORPG of her dream - CrimeCraft , which was announced back in 2006. For quite some time, we did not have the honor of even speculating what exactly the Rockstar Games success would have with the US-Ukraine alliance of white haters . Expecting CrimeCraft was especially nice and exciting. I really wanted, first, to find out with what score Vogster and GTA fathers will playin their own field of the latter. And secondly, the game was positioned not as the next terrarium for orcs, elves, gnomes, but as extremely “human”, where besides the homo sapiens who are just like us you will not meet anyone.

else CrimeCraft immediately captivates with its simplicity and schematic gameplay. For full development, you do not need to study multi-page glossy manuals, acquire a plush horse to calm your nerves during particularly difficult and lengthy raids and use foul language cursing the inexorable grind. I don’t want to apply hackneyed Nerd MMORPG-terms to the brainchild of Vogster Entertainment , measuring it on a scale familiar to such projects. Getting settled here is like inserting a USB flash drive into a laptop. Everything works on the principle of "run and shoot." Play best friv games this site juegos friv online games.

The CrimeCraft business model is not truly shareware. We would rather call it "obsessive-paid." In the inventory menu, in stores and almost just on the streets of Sunrise City, we will be mockingly reminded that it would not hurt to upgrade the account. In fact, traders have a minimum of weapons, you can’t buy clothes too much, even at the first stage of character generation you can’t experiment. Vogster should carefully warn that the free client located on the official website of the game and numerous "mirrors" is just a modest sampler with pretty truncated capabilities. But do not hang up the inviting “Play for Free”.

The CrimeCraft mechanics are as simple as half logs. You conduct full dynamics and adrenaline battles in specially designated areas (so-called instances). But licking their wounds, acquiring useful acquaintances, wandering around the shops, looking at the wide billboards along the way with advertising of real brands, will have to be in peaceful locations. These very lands, radiating unlimited pacifism and relative peace, are united by one name - Sunrise City. Meet this city here. As in the case of GTA 4 , it is incredibly similar to the real New York. With one important, fundamental difference. In the world of CrimeCraftYou will not see freely driving cars and passive onlookers selling burgers. Nor can you feel the atmosphere of a large but peaceful city. It's simple: there is nothing of the kind indicated in the “Solar City”.

But in Sunrise City there is a poorly controlled crime, law enforcement representatives who look furtively looking around and are ready to throw us a task if something happens. The most amazing thing is that CrimeCraft is trying to look like a classic MMORPG only the first time. Exactly what it is trying to do - although there is a leveling, NPCs that issue the same type of quests, and an open world with a crowd of looming adventurers, the game has completely different goals. Vogster Entertainment in its CrimeCraftbrought to the fore the rampant and intrusive kitsch, the opportunity to dress up in rags from the eminent fashion designer, to buy a cannon that would harmoniously look with the rest of the outfit. Domestic affairs and contributing to pumping are just a necessary necessity, bordering on a routine.

You can’t tell the story of the CrimeCraft world without any special reasons. Everything you need to know about the events that took place in Sunrise City is read literally from the outside. Naturally, this city was once beautiful, clean and friendly. Of course, along with civilians, there were “true gangstas”. Well, one day, not the most beautiful day, the balance of power was finally broken, and there was a real explosion of crime growth. Further, everything developed according to the pattern: the growth in the number of gangs, random victims in the gateways, the introduction of curfews and the onset of barely controlled chaos.

The birth of a new resident of Sunrise City just happens in one such gateway. We omit now inappropriate jokes about the background of the process of conception and immediately proceed to the review of the editor of appearance. You can choose the complexion, the face itself and the color of the paint, which will decorate your unique hairstyle, which can also be chosen. The set of options, as you see, is standard. But we said that a considerable fraction of the diversity here is brought by increased attention to the character’s clothes. However, it should be borne in mind that all kinds of topics, pants with and without stripes, brand sneakers and similar objects of worship of avid fashionistas can be selected if there is an account upgraded for real money. Otherwise, almost all appearance settings will be blocked. One hope for the so-called random choice is when you need to randomly click on the corresponding key in search of the most suitable option. In the future, you will have to face the annoying restrictions of shareware more than once, but we will talk about this a bit later.

The initial stage in CrimeCraft introduces us to the basic rules by which to live. They are quite simple. At first they make it clear that here we are nothing more than no one, stinking scum, useless ballast and grains from a large pile of stinky garbage. To declare oneself as a militant and for something fit carrier of military weapons, able to fend for itself by putting the cuffs on especially gapeous ones, will have to be directly in instances.

The design of the combat zones, as well as its architecture, has been worked out to the most innocuous details. And it doesn’t matter that once again it acts as a place of battle - an abandoned factory or a dilapidated shopping center: the levels are still designed so that they give a thousand and one opportunities to realize their tactical ambitions. Shelters, shelters and once again they are plus (in some cases) a multi-story building - that, it turns out, is all that is needed to conduct an interesting tactical “war”.

The shootings themselves are most reminiscent of arcade action movies and least of all about MMORPG. At first glance, it may seem that the outcome of a duel primarily depends on the personal qualities of the player - on his reaction, attention and diligence. By the way, the developers themselves were telling us about this. But in fact, it turns out that no matter how big the shooter fan is, say, a third-level user, in most cases, the more “senior” opponent in terms of indicators gives it up in any shoot-out almost immediately. Skills are important here. Possession of various weapons - in particular. If you are tormented by the choice of what to prefer when pumping, then we bring to your attention: in CrimeCraft the principle that has proven itself in most shooters works - the use of a combination of “sniper rifle plus heavy weapon for close range fire”.
In CrimeCraft seven game modes. And five of them are based on pvp, and only two are based on pve. There is a standard command defatch, and flag capture mode, and even capture with the holding of control points. Robbery is especially admired when teams of players steal money from safes from each other.

For carrying out a successful shootout, we are credited with money. They need to spend on the purchase of equipment, medicines and other essential junk. With character customization, the expected trick by the developers came out - you have to buy clothes for the so-called Gold Bars, which can only be obtained with real papers with the presidents of one very famous country. Believe me, there is where to spend hard-earned money - shops, salons and boutiques scattered throughout the city allow you to fashion a truly unique character from your virtual protege. And, oddly enough, to hear this for our brother, foreign players consider it their duty to lower a decent amount of money to just change a couple of textures that absolutely do not affect the gameplay itself.

If CrimeCraftwas so simple as we had managed to talk about it before, then it would have received much less attention from us, and it would have been possible to avoid mentioning GTA . We did not tell you almost about the most important component - about wars between gangs. Users themselves have the right to create criminal gangs with their own rules, code of honor, and other similar mandatory attributes. Gang membership provides at least one enviable advantage - in the world of CrimeCraft developers from Vogster Entertainmentregularly organize various kinds of competitions for the title of the most powerful and well-equipped gang. Winners receive very valuable prizes. Do not forget about the passive protection of each player, provided by the group in which he is a member. The most powerful "clans" get the opportunity to acquire a personal "dressing room", where you can store supplies and gather the whole flock.

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