Как получить максимально возможный кредит для своего дохода

When a person has a need to obtain additional borrowed funds, he tries to find a banking organization that can give him the maximum amount of money when he is solvent, but in almost all cases this indicator is the same. Most banking organizations calculate the maximum loan amount based on how much free money a person has by the end of the month, that is, what part of a person’s salary remains untouched. It is this amount that will play the main role in calculating the maximum possible loan, in most cases this indicator does not exceed 30% of the regular salary of a potential borrower. And how can you increase the maximum loan amount in a banking organization?

Provide Asset Information to the Bank

Of course, when drawing up a loan agreement, the lender pays attention to all the little things, since they are the ones who show the solvency and integrity of the client. For example, a creditor of a banking organization is unlikely to have special trust in a person who claims to have a very high income, but lives in a cheap rented apartment. It’s better not to overestimate your solvency, as it will not lead to anything good. Instead, the best option would be to provide the banking organization with information about the available assets, which, in which case, can be realized to pay off the debt under the loan agreement. It is worth noting that the assets are the property of this person, for example, personal transport, a summer house, expensive electronics and so on.

What to do with the gray salary?

Despite the fact that, according to the law, all client earnings must be officially registered, quite often there is the so-called unofficial salary, which is not registered and registered anywhere, since the employer does not pay tax for it. Of course, when drawing up a loan agreement, wages play a very important role, as a result of which a person needs to declare in some way that he has an unofficial salary. This can be done by filling out the appropriate application in a banking organization, which will indicate the official profession of the borrower. Further on the Internet, the average salary for such a profession will be verified. It is on this basis that the creditor of the banking organization will appoint the maximum amount of the loan agreement. Play thousands of free online games, including shooting games, arcade free games, racing car games, dress up games and many more on http://freegames4play.com
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