Full life - for a slim body

Why do you think we are getting fat? I think that from a lack of exercise and unhealthy diet (we eat a lot, often just like that, when there is no feeling of hunger). Scientists (and we are used to trusting them) argue that people get excess weight from a lack of physical communication.

It is not only about sex, but also about friendly hugs, sympathetic glances, kind words. A person has 5 main organs of cognition of the world and communication with it: vision, hearing, scent, taste, touch. And everyone predominates. Some are better at receiving information visually - through the eyes, others audibly - by ear, while others need to be touched.

But a person needs all forms of interaction for a full life. And modern people lack both attentive listeners, and good interlocutors, and sincere hugs, and pleasant natural aromas, etc.

In the meantime, the process of eating is a physical contact with food: aroma, taste, touch. Food looks attractive and smells good, has texture, taste and even sound (remember how it crunches on your teeth). Almost all 5 senses are involved. Therefore, a person who feels their lack in other areas of life, with a special passion for food.

For those who want to reduce their appetite and get rid of extra pounds, psychologists advise:

- watch - beautiful films, beautiful landscapes of nature, travel cities and countries. Because if you don’t see anything except the road from home to work and back and TV shows, then you are likely to be overweight;

- sniff - use perfume, take baths with scented foams, scent your home with aroma lamps and essential oils. It happens that you want to eat when in fact we are not hungry. In this case, you can carry spice in a bag and smell it from time to time. For example, vanilla flavor depresses appetite;

- listen - more often listen to music that you like, talk more with friends, listen carefully to them;

- enjoy the taste of food - do not swallow food quickly and in large quantities, instead, put in your plate a small portion of something tasty and exotic (I'm not talking about a live octopus or a cocktail of frogs) and slowly eat small meals in small portions. Discover a new taste, study the cuisines of the peoples of the world, and also accustom yourself to “aesthetic nutrition” with beautiful serving, beautiful dishes, delicate napkins;

- touch - hug your friends and relatives more often, caress your animals.

In general, enrich your world - and your life will be complete, and your body - slim. online gambling malaysia
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