Where can I make a lot of money?

About whether it is possible to become a millionaire, many are thinking. And, as practice shows, this is quite real, but very difficult. Usually, people who earn big money can do such things, or have such talents that are not available to most. The main expert of the financial portal FinCor has a lot of ways for you to achieve your goal.
Moreover, you can earn big money by working both for yourself and as an employee, it all depends on the person, on his abilities, skills and talent. Success can be achieved in any field, just for this you need to be more successful and enterprising than your colleagues.
So where can you make a lot of money? Recently, it is widely believed that success can be achieved only by working for yourself, and preferably in the field of finance. However, it is not. One can cite as an example a number of athletes, actors, entertainers, managers of large companies who receive substantial salaries. However, to reach such heights requires years of painstaking and hard work. And only a few units reach the peaks.
The most common way to make big money? it is creating your own business. If you take a closer look, study foreign experience, you can see the unoccupied areas of activity, free markets that a domestic entrepreneur can easily take. Businessman ? this is a person who must be able to take risks, be sociable, enterprising, resourceful, have a special instinct, be able to respond to difficult situations. Without this, it is very difficult to claim more than the role of the owner of one or two trading stalls.
The Internet is also available for making big money. A vivid example of where you can make a lot of money? Creation of a site selling real estate and receiving a percentage of sales. Given the value of real estate, even receiving 1-2 percent of the transaction can become a very successful Internet entrepreneur.
Another way to make money? invention. The modern world is ready to pay serious money for original and sought-after ideas and inventions. As an example, you can take the same Bill Gates. Man, thanks to his talent and inventive abilities, could become one of the richest people on the planet.
If earlier inventors were not very popular in our country, today grants are allocated for them, a research platform is being built in Skolkovo, and many homegrown talents will have the opportunity to measure their strengths with? Microsoft? and other well-known foreign companies.
There are a lot of ways to make good money, but for this you need qualities such as hard work, perseverance, talent, entrepreneurial streak. To develop in yourself such qualities under the strength of everyone, the main thing? Believe in yourself and strive for it.
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