We sharpen a saw - how to do it right

What would home craftsmen do without a saw? No matter how powerful the electric saws are, they will not replace a simple, ordinary saw. You can not do without it, especially at home. All kinds of cabinets, shelves in the interior of an apartment or house are often the result of a saw. Working with a sharp saw is a pleasure. But for the saw to be sharp, it must be sharpened periodically.

New saws sold in stores are not sharpened properly. Therefore, each craftsman must be able to sharpen it on their own. This is not an easy task requiring skills. There are several important aspects to consider when sharpening a saw.

Before you start sharpening the tool, you must secure it. This can be done with a vise. Also for these purposes, you can build a small fixture. To make it, you need two boards. Drill bolt holes to connect these boards and clamp the saw. Using the screws, fasten the legs for stability of such a device. Now you can start the process itself.

For sharpening you will need a trihedral file with a small notch. In addition, you need to see if the saw needs to be wired. And if so, then it can be done using what is at hand, for example, pliers.

You need to sharpen the teeth through one tooth on one side. The process of sharpening is carried out with a file in one direction without moving in the opposite direction. If you neglect this advice, then instead of sharpened sharp teeth, you can get blunt and rounded, which is unlikely to help in the work. Practice shows that the best result can be achieved when the angle of the file with respect to the saw is 45-60 degrees.

To avoid mistakes and to do the job efficiently, it is best to work in a relaxed atmosphere so that neither music nor any extraneous noise distracts attention. Since an improperly sharpened tool in operation will be much worse than not sharpened at all.

There are some nuances regarding the layout of the saw. To check whether you need to do the wiring, you need to test the saw in action. Is the saw hard to cut? Then, most likely, you need to increase the wiring. But it’s important not to overdo it. The wiring limit is not more than 2 millimeters. If you make a greater distance, then the saw will not cut, but tear the tree, which is also unlikely to contribute to pleasant work. pl.natashaescort.com
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