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Er du en glad bruger af Hyperspin? Du er velkommen til at sende os din udtagelse, som kan vises her på denne side. Du kan oplyse hvem du er, hvad du bruger vores service til, hvorfor du valgte os eller en anden historie du ønsker at fortælle os.

We moved to HyperSpin from a competitor in 2009, and since we moved we have received nothing short of exceptional service from HyperSpin.

Our previous supplier was slow, expensive, and unreliable. HyperSpin has been responsive in all our support and sales requests, very well priced, and extremely reliable.

As a hosting/cloud company we require a reliable, accurate, and fully featured service to monitor our 1000s of service. HyperSpin has enabled us to do this, allowing us to monitor the most basic hosting account, all the way up to complex clusters of servers.

- Aaron Weller, Managing Director of Crucial Hosting

I really like your monitoring that I have set up. It's helped us detect issues early and provide detailed reports to our hosting provider, etc. So thank you!

- Frank Harrington, VP, The Long-Term Care Learning Center

No matter how resilient our server is, we have outages/overloads from time to time. Using Hyperspin has saved my bacon on numerous occasions. I receive an SMS within second of the server having an issue. Not only has it helped us keep our customers happy but because we are alerted immediately (we have 1 min checking) we can get a fix in place before Google notices that our site is out of action. Thanks for providing such an indispensable service for a low cost.

- Conor Hannah, Managing Director of sellingantiques.co.uk, The UK's Largest Antiques Website

Hyperspin just works VERY well, simple! This is one of those rare services you use that you can implicitly trust. As a bonus their customer support is both helpful and highly responsive. 100% recommended.

- Julian Perrott, BarkWeb Ltd

I've been using your service for almost 3+ years now, and nothing else, and I mean NOTHING else, comes even close for the price.

While I don't get nearly as much sleep at night as I used to thanks to constant chimes of SMS outages alerts I now receive (at no fault to you of course!), but when I do get to sleep, it is knowing that our servers are being watched - knowing that I'll recieve notice within a minute of something not working.

In this online marketplace it's eat or be eaten, and I don't think ANY e-business can afford to NOT use this or any competing monitoring service.

- Bret Bonnet, Quality Logo Products, Inc.

Your service rocks. You saved us a major client through our server problems, and they are now fixed.

- Neil

I am very pleased with the server monitoring service you are providing me. My customers depend on my servers running all the time and I depend highly on your exceptionally fast alert times so I can address any issues that arise. Thank you for being the best quality monitoring service for us web hosting companies.

- Leo Schmidt, owner of EZweb4Less.com

We've been using Hyperspin for almost a year now and it's been a total godsend for us. Gone are the nights of restless sleep because we can trust that Hyperspin will alert our us the moment a problem occurs.

Now we are using Hyperspin services to monitor all our internal network equipment, shared hosting servers and our managed dedicated server customers. The price of the service is extremely good value for money, considering we get total peace of mind in knowing we will be alerted the minute there is any issue with our servers.

The service is highly customisable in many ways, more so than the competition...

Hyperspin is simply the best monitoring service around. We believe this with a passion and thus always recommend the service to our server customers.

- Matt Moreton, React Hosting Ltd

Your service was the best money spent for our web server.

You saved me thousands of dollars in missed sales by letting me know when my server went offline.

- Corey Heintz, Sturgis Bike Week, Inc.

We have found Hyperspin to be a great service over the past three years, not only does it give us first notice of a downtime event but it's easy to use and the in depth reporting is extremely helpful.

This is backed up with solid support from very friendly and knowledgeable staff.

- John Kipling, Valcato Hosting

We have been using Hyperspin probably within the first few months they started business.

When I had to sell the hosting part last year due to medical reasons, we gave control of our DNS servers we used for the clients to the new company so the customers would experience very minimal downtime, if any.

I needed to sign into the account and could not locate the password. And the old hosting domain's emails are not working. I got a couple of servers so I could host my sites and still maintained the account with them.

I thought about contacting them but I was hoping to resolve the issue. Hyperspin actually contacted me here to ask if they could help with the problem.

It is rare for people to post compliments about a company because most of us just expect it to be done. I was very pleased that they contacted me through a WHT PM - seeming to even remember me after so many years. And especially since my posts have dwindled unfortunately over the past year, makes it even better for me to know / realize the company still remembers me.

So if anyone is looking for a company to help them with server monitoring, etc - consider Hyperspin.

- Corey Bryant, Microsoft Expression Web Blog

I thoroughly enjoyed your service and recommended it to a few of our clients that continue to it. In my particular case I had subscribed to the service to help monitor a very buggy internal server. That server has since been replaced by an externally hosted one so I no longer need the service at the moment but will certainly consider it again in the future.

- Jay West, Principal & Creative Director of Jaywest Productions

You have done an absolutely amazing job! Thank you so much for your time and efforts. I certainly enjoyed working with you on this project and was completely amazed with the level of service and your quick responses.

I look forward to working with you for a long time.

- Amir Golestan, CEO & Founder of Micfo.com Web Hosting

Jobshout is critical for our clients because it has a direct impact on the revenue. If Jobshout is down not only the Job applicants can't apply for Jobs but search engines can't crawl the Job boards. Hyperspin is exactly what we needed and it fits in our strategy and standards.

- Balinder Walia, Jobshout

We have been using hyperspin since 2004, to monitor our servers. Their global multi station monitoring is second to none, it is the best and most flexible monitoring system that we have ever used.

- Reg Cooper, CEO, Arachno Net Web Hosting

We began using HyperSpin to monitor our mission-critical web services a few months ago, and so far we have been extremely pleased. Compared with several other monitoring services we have previously tried, HyperSpin has been both more reliable AND more affordable. On top of that, your customer support is among the most helpful, efficient and personable we have ever encountered. I would highly recommend HyperSpin to anyone in need of external monitoring services.

- Sam Weiss, CEO, ReadySetAuction

I just set up a new account and want to say I look forward to using the service. I had been having some downtime issues with my hosting provider.

Looks like you have a great thing going here and I wish you all the best of success.

- Scott Blumin, President, Scoja Computer Services

We've been using Hyperspin to monitor all of our servers about 2 years. They are great because they value their customers and pay attention to their requests.

- Farshad Esmailian, HostIran Networks

We have been using Hyperspin for about a year now on our horse classifieds website. We've found the service to be robust and dependable, and highly customizable. We have been notified of every single outage, and never received a false alarm. This is a top notch service and we'll be sticking with it.

Thanks Hyperspin.

- T. Hartman, Horsetopia LLC

We've been using HyperSpin to monitor both our website and core-routers, and in the event of the smallest downtime - we would be aware of the problem instantly and start working on it even before clients could realise. Top notch staff and services.

- E. Ersoy, Vectoral LLC

Hyperspin monitoring has been accurate and reliable... the system just works! We moved to Hyperspin from an unreliable competitor and so far Hyperspin has proved superior (and cheaper!) than other services we have tried.

- Matt Wallis, United Hosting

We have been using Hyperspin's free monitoring service and there are several features that put Hyperspin above and beyond competitors. With our new 100% uptime network, 3rd party monitoring from different locations around the world is essential and Hyperspin gives us peace of mind, for FREE. Hyperspin definitely helps decrease our operational costs as a hosting company.

- Evan Kamlet, H4Y Technologies LLC

We've only been with Hyperspin for a few months but we can vouch on the kind of service and level of professionalism they have is one of highest in the market.

- Andy L, Pure Web Synergy, LLC

On the first day we used Hyperspin their automated site checker uncovered an obscure but important error in our coding. Then the Hyperspin staff followed up personally with a detailed analysis of the problem, which was of great assistance in repairing the error.

We got enough value out of Hyperspin on the first day to justify the bill for the entire year.

Needless to say, we're sold, and would suggest Hyperspin to anyone who wants a quality service backed up by professional support.

- Phil Tanny, Publisher-For-You.com

We switched to Hyperspin from Alertsite several months ago. Not only are Hyperspin's prices much cheaper, the quality is as equal if not better than Alertsite's. We always get super fast meaningful responses from Hyperspin's support team. We could not be happier with the service we are provided with.

- Jay, Host In Us Web Hosting Services

I am really impressed with Hyperspin services and technology but what I'm even MORE impressed with is the customer service! They actually LISTEN and RESPOND and are NICE! You don't find many companies ANYWHERE these days where there are people who are respectful and actually care about the customers. I believe in that philosophy with my own company and that's why I'm writing this because it's clear they do.

- Ron Erak, Erak Enterprises

We needed more than just a monitoring tool for our servers. We needed reporting features, maintenance plans and flexible robust scanning. We are very pleased with HyperSpin's product and will be including the rest of our servers over time. Definately the best product on the market!

Keep it up guys.

- Giles Fellingham, Savage Hosting Ltd

A monitoring service was a must-have for our company as we needed the highest uptime for our servers. After trying some other monitoring services and softwares, we decided to use Hyperspin. Main reasons why we have chosen Hyperspin for our monitoring needs are it's high service quality, simple-to-use web interface, reliability and perfect customer support. To keep the quality level and customer satisfaction at top, Hyperspin listens what it's customers need and improves itself as quickly as possible. This quick adaptation and continuous improvement makes Hyperspin a company which totaly meets it's customers expactations. As we have no complaints about the service we use, we suggest Hyperspin to other companies without any hesitation.

- Evren UYANIK, SiDEnet

We are a web-development company and have been using Hyperspin during the past year to keep an eye on our server and the websites we develop and host. The tools offered are highly efficient and, coupled with quick, knowledgeable and friendly support, make for highly recommended services are almost essential for any serious online business. Thanks Hyperspin!

- Damjan Krajacic, activecolor.com

Our experience with Hyperspin over the past year exceed our expectations, we started monitoring our site and came across good service with excellent functionality. Later, when the reseller program was announced we joined it without any hesitations, during the first months Hyperspn staff had made many changes and improvements according to our needs in order to improve our services to our users, all the work was done in a very short response time.

Good service, professional support and competitive prices makes Hyperspin the right choice for us.

- Yonit Shoabi, azorim.net

Our clients like this services very much. It compliments to our remote administration service where we are now able to provide daily uptime report to all of them. Each report is break down to particular server.

- Earnpin Lee, 1.com.my

We are an Internet-based tourist agency with a complete offering and ordering online process. Therefore, it is of an extreme importance for us to have a reliable Web service and accurate and up-to-date information concerning any possible downtime. We have been using HyperSpin monitoring service for years and never had any problems or complaints with regards to its functioning. It is one of those pleasant register & forget services :) Their support should also be complimented for its speed, efficiency and kindness. Highly recommended from us!

- Goran Seric, CTO of Adriatic.hr

We have been using Hyperspin for over a year. The service is always reliable, extremely accurate, and unquestionably timely. We now use HyperSpin to monitor all of our servers and to alert technicians if there is ever a problem.

- Richard C. Hay, CEO, The RiCH Company

The support and reliability that Hyperspin offers, has proven to be the key factor, as to why I am still a registered/paying client. Thanks for the GREAT service Hyperspin!! :.)

- Rick, cknetworx.com

We'd like to thank you for your fast, professional and friendly support. We most appreciate that we've received this support yet while trying your service out. We want to say that we've emulated various "troubles" on our servers and you have perfectly "passed the exam". Thus, we believe that if something happens "for real" you won't let us miss that. :-) Thanks again and keep up the good work!!

- Vladimir Shalikashvili, AV Bros.

I wanted to thank you for this amazing service. You guys are always improving, and have saved me many times from server problems. Without Hyperspin, I do not think I will have the 99% uptime that I have now.

- Eliav Kadosh, CEO Explode Host

If you want the best, then only spin to Hyperspin. After using Hyperspin for almost two years, we can conclude that Hyperspin is best server monitoring software: in quality, pricing, and customer service. Our experience with Hyperspin has been nothing but positive, accurate, with feature-rich services from this provider. In quality, accuracy, pricing, and customer service, Hyperspin is the best.

- Michael Ace, President of MyGoodHost

We are running our own monitoring system to monitor our entire network, however without an external monitoring service we would never be sure whether our own monitoring system is operational. That's what we use Hyperspin for, and so far they have done an absolutely great job. Their system is very advanced, which is something we really like to see and shows how professional they are.

- Andre van Vliet, SolidHost & DEHE

We've tried various server monitoring services (Alertra, WebsitePulse, SiteUptime, etc) before using Hyperspin and can say that Hyperspin offers the best value for the money. We use Hyperspin to monitor more than a dozen servers, and we've never received a false alert from Hyperspin thanks to its multiple geographically dispersed monitoring stations. Support is very responsive and flexible to custom requests. Best of all, the prices are very reasonable and affordable, unlike others who are charging too much for the same or less service. We highly recommend Hyperspin for anyone looking for a robust server/website monitoring service at a great price!

- DewaHost, LLC

As a part time employee for a non-profit ministry, uptime is very important yet not easy to keep track of. I searched the internet for a while for monitoring services that would give me a notification if our server goes down. I found hyperspin about 2 years ago when they were a completely free service and decided to give them a try. Since then I have chosen to add the 5 minute tests to all four of our separate server connections.

I used to be notified by users of downtime with complaints and now I can say that it should be back up soon by the time I get a call, or maybe even it is already back up before a user even knows it was down. Thank you for an excellent service and the quick support when I have questions.

- Branden Stuck, Technology Director of Kidology Inc

We've been using Hyperspin for over a year now, and are very happy with their service. The great thing is that we never have to maintain our account, once we set up our account we could continue on with our work knowing that our server farm is being reliably monitored and will receive alerts when anything goes wrong. Its set and forget. Keep up the great work!

- Mark Bathie, CEO CVSDude.com

After searching for more than a month and testing other more expensive monitoring services, I have found Hyperspin to be the best value service available in the world.

I can now show my server colocation clients that our network is rock solid with 1-minute testing of or core and edge routers. This has made our company's services standout among the others because we can show our performance with reliable, accurate reporting. My network and server engineers can now rely on Hyperspin's notifications for faster response to outages and troubles.

Hyperspin's technical support has been exceptional with replies usually within a few minutes even on weekends and during after hours. Answers to both simple and complex questions are always answered with prompt and complete answers.

I am truly impressed with Hyperspin as a full-sevice, best value networking and server monitoring service and wish them the best of success.

- Nicky Smith, President/CEO of Carolinanet

I use your service to monitor the uptime of servers & websites throughout the country. Your product is the best one I have ever used, and your dedication to your customers is unparalleled. The new features you have added have made all of our lives easier & our servers constantly at 99.95% or better. Thank you so much!

- Rustin Kretz, President of Scorpion Design Inc.

We are able to monitor and manage our servers thanks to HyperSpin. The notifications to email and SMS helps us to maintain a 99.9% uptime and to keep our hosting customers happy with our services. We can relax knowing that Hyperspin is on the job!

- Russ Gottlich, CEO LoudHost

As a leading webhosting company, availability and uptime are our top priorities.

Hyperspin serves all our needs, this is why we are using Hyperspin for Shared Hosting, Dedicated Servers and Colocation.

Hyperspin is a leading monitoring solution for professional Server Hosting companies.

- Mateo Meier, Technical Director of Artmotion Ltd

Hi, I am Thrassivoulos Kalantzis owner of GR-Linux.net. In the past we have used other companies to monitor our servers. Eventually we were lucky to find Hyperspin. Now we can relax; in case of failure Hyperspin will inform us.

I would highly recommend Hyperspin. Hyperspin offers great reliable service, excellent reports, public reports for posting in our site (now our customers know our uptime), several contacts can be informed and the best of all is that all come in a cost effective price.

- Thrassivoulos Kalantzis of GR-Linux.net

Just wanted to say that Hyperspin has been great as it SMS's us on the event of a downtime thus letting us manage our network a lot better and efficiently.

- Ben Stevenson of Ispeeds communications

I just wanted to say thanks for your excellent services. I host clients on my server, and if it goes down I need to know, you guys do an excellent job!

- Steve Bremner, CEO Biorhythm Designs

I very happy, thanks hyperspin i now have 99.8% uptime and i dont have any problem with this service is economic and good !

- Marisa Gugliotella of ProHost Network

We've been testing numerous monitoring services those past years. None of them have been better than Hyperspin in the following points:

  • precision and clearness of delivered information
  • reliability
  • available options (several e-mail addresses can be warned, specific port monitoring, ssl support,public report, selectable timezone...)
  • listening and reactivity of support
  • ratio quality/price

Hyperspin services are great value ; you can rely on them

- Arnaud VATEL of NilObstat

We have tried many 3rd party monitoring services, including purchasing several software packages to monitor our network - none of them has been as effective as your service.

When Hyperspin service alerts us to a network problem, we immediately verify the problem exists. We then take the necessary corrective steps. Usually the problem caused by our upstream provider. Once this is determined, we will then contact our upstream asking for a status update - in many cases, they are just getting the alerts as we are on the phone trying to convince them the problem exist !! Two Thumbs up for Hyperspin !!!

- Barry Tarbet, President of OccHosting.com

Hyperspin has been an excellent upgrade to my business since day one. I have used several different free monitoring services in the past but wanted to get a better picture of my actual uptime with a service that offered more frequent checks. Hyperspin does that and allows for greater control over setting your monitoring constraints and even telling it what email addresses to alert depending on the time of day. The control panel is well designed and their support has been courteous and fast in their responses when needed. Anyone interested in accurate monitoring would be well served here.

- Jason Saunders of Charlottezweb.com

I am Ozan Tuzun, the owner of Turkey's leading web hosting resource, Hostbul.net. We were looking for a reliable monitoring service with affordable prices and found Hyperspin after extensive research. We are monitoring more then 400 websites with them and had no problems so far. I highly recommend them. Good people, good service..

- Ozan Tuzun of Hostbul.net

I was very excited to find Hyperspin in my long search for the perfect hosting company. They had monitored hundreds of other hosting companies independently, and freely distributed their results for me pick and choose from. I really liked what they were offering and joined up with their service and got the most inexpensive method of monitoring all my current servers with instant notification on my email and cell phone.

- Jeff Bastan of Web City Pages
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