Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

3. What are your security measures and how do they affect me?

From time to time, we receive complaints from some parties regarding their websites or servers being monitored (using our service) without their knowledge. We have to stress that it is inappropriate to monitor something you do not own. We therefore implement some security measures to warn and to prevent our users from committing such unethical act.

According to clause 1 of our Service Agreement, it is inappropriate to use our service to monitor a website or server without written permission from it's owner. The website/server's owner is defined as the entity who is assigned the IP address or the entity who registered the domain name or the administrator. In the event you are not the owner but has obtained written permission from the owner, you have to store the documents safely and present to us in case we receive complaints from the owner.

You are considered as the owner if:

  • You run the physical server (you are the administrator) or
  • You own the domain name or
  • You are the only user on that IP address

It is not compulsory to inform the hosting provider or administrator, but you are recommended to do so. This is because they may have Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) in place which may falsely detect our monitoring activity as intrusion. From our experience, we had encountered IDSes which falsely detect our periodic ping activity as "port scanning".

If you are found of unauthorized monitoring:

  • Your account will be suspended
  • Your full personal information will be disclosed to the server's legitimate owner
  • Your full personal information will be disclosed to your ISP for investigation
  • The server's legitimate owner might take legal action against you